Who doesn’t want a perfectly straight set of teeth? But unfortunately, many people have orthodontic issues that hinder their smile’s appearance. The good news is that our trained professionals at GLO Dental Group provide comprehensive orthodontics services to correct teeth and jaw misalignment. Using cutting-edge, we give individualized attention to each patient and help them achieve the perfect smile they desire. Our dentists plan orthodontic treatments for children, teens, and adults. So no matter what age, if you want to have a straighter smile with us, visit or contact our dental practice today.

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    What Is The Right Age To Visit Dentists?

    The first primary teeth start appearing around the age of 6 or 7 months. As soon as their baby teeth erupt, it is recommended to take your child for a dental visit. During this visit, our dentists will examine their teeth and jaws to evaluate their growth. The best period to visit an orthodontics is from the eruption of primary teeth to the appearance of first permanent teeth.

    During this period, many children develop orthodontic issues. Early intervention with orthodontics at our Houston and Cypress practice can help prevent misalignment of teeth and jaws. Apart from children, we also welcome adults to get the required orthodontic care. Our dental experts will form personalized treatment plans according to the position of your teeth and jaws.

    What To Expect From An Orthodontic Consultation?

    The first step towards getting a straighter smile is to book a consultation for orthodontics at our facility. During your initial visit, we will listen to your concerns to understand your needs. We will perform a comprehensive oral exam to determine the extent of misalignment. Our dental team will also record full mouth radiographs and dental impressions to assess irregularities.

    Based on the results of these exams, we will form an orthodontic care plan that caters to your requirements. Whether you need aesthetic or functional improvement, our skilled team will include advanced treatment options to address your concerns.

    Question About Orthodontics?

    Are Braces The Only Solution?

    We correct many cases of teeth or jaw misalignment with braces. They can be metal or ceramic, depending on your preference. However, braces are not the only orthodontic treatment. Our practice offers a wide range of services for orthodontics.

    Our dentists will examine your oral cavity to determine which orthodontic appliance will be the best for you. If you want to achieve a straighter smile without the trouble of metal braces, we offer clear aligners to help meet your goals in an easier way. Consult with our dentists today to learn which treatment options are most appropriate for you.

    Visit GLO Dental Group For Advanced Orthodontics

    Having a straight, beautiful smile is not just a dream anymore. Our experienced professionals can help fulfill your aesthetic and functional needs with orthodontics in Houston and Cypress. Contact us now to schedule a consultation today.

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