Emergency Dentistry

Are you experiencing a sudden toothache or pain in the jaw? It could be an indication of a dental emergency. Dental emergencies can be challenging because most people are unprepared to handle them. GLO Dental Group offers emergency dentistry in Houston and Cypress, TX, to address your immediate dental concerns. From dental infections to oral injuries, we are fully equipped to deal with all kinds of emergency situations. If you experience any severe or painful symptoms, call us right away to book a same-day appointment at our dental office.

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    What Are Emergency Dental Situations?

    Oral or dental emergencies can occur for several reasons, but one of the most common ones is contact sports. The risk is higher among children and teens who are more enthusiastic while playing but often get hurt during these sports. Other common dental emergencies include:

    Emergency Dentistry
    • Sudden toothache
    • Knocked-out tooth
    • Soft tissue injury
    • Excessive gum bleeding
    • Chipped, broken, or fractures teeth
    • Broken or damaged restoration
    • Dislodged filling
    • Loose teeth
    • Broken braces
    • Pulp infection
    • Pus discharge
    • Broken or loose dentures
    If you or a family member faces any of these situations, contact our practices as soon as possible to avail of our emergency dentistry services.

    Emergency Dentistry Services

    Upon your visit, our emergency dentist will perform a thorough oral exam to determine the cause of your symptoms. We may also record dental X-rays to visualize the tooth roots and jawbone. A common cause of tooth pain is dental cavities. If the tooth can be saved, we will select the best treatment option to restore it. Restorative treatments include dental fillings, dental crowns, root canal therapy, or missing tooth replacement.

    Gum infections can also be a reason for an emergency dental visit. Our dentists will perform periodontal treatments depending on the severity of your condition. Keep in mind that dental emergencies can worsen if they are left untreated. Visit our practice for early intervention and control of oral issues.

    Question About Emergency Dentistry?

    What Can I Do While Waiting For Emergency Treatment?

    Dealing with dental emergencies can be difficult but not impossible. While you wait for your emergency dental appointment, our team can assist you on call to deal with the situation. Discuss your symptoms with our team members and follow the instructions accordingly. It is also important to remain as calm as you can during these circumstances to avoid further complications. We may prescribe medications to help manage pain or swelling. You can also place an ice pack to minimize or prevent swelling at the site.

    Book A Same-Day Appointment At GLO Dental Group

    If you or a loved one are suffering from severe oral pain or injury, do not hesitate to contact us immediately. We provide a wide range of emergency dentistry services in Houston and Cypress, TX, to address your urgent needs. Call us now to book an appointment for immediate dental care.

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