Implant Overdentures

For many decades, dentures have been the conventional means of replacing missing teeth. Although effective and convenient, removable dentures are not a good long-term solution. At our practice, we provide high-quality dental treatments that comply with the latest technological advancements. Our dentists offer implant overdentures that replace the entire arch of missing teeth. These specialized dentures are less invasive than full arch implants and provide much better stability. They restore oral functions and also support your facial muscles, giving you a youthful look! If you are in need of a better option than conventional dentures, schedule an appointment at GLO Dental Group today.

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    Implant Overdenture

    What Are Implant Overdentures?

    Implant overdentures are an advanced form of removable dentures that replace an entire arch of missing teeth using 2 to 4 dental implants as supportive pillars. Traditional dentures have an acrylic base that sits over the gum base and covers a major portion of the soft tissues. In contrast, implant-supported dentures cover minimal areas of the gums, providing more ease during speech and other oral functions.

    Our Houston and Cypress team recommends implant overdentures to those patients who have lost multiple or all of their teeth and require a permanent replacement. The implants adhere strongly to the jawbone, giving extra strength and stability to the denture.

    Benefits of Implant Overdentures

    Missing teeth are not just a cosmetic issue but also cause functional disturbance of the oral cavity. Getting implant overdentures can resolve many issues, including:

    • These dentures are secured in place with implants and offer long-term stability.
    • They do not become loose over time or fall off easily.
    • You can eat and chew your favorite foods more comfortably.
    • These dentures do not cause speech disturbance because they cover only a certain portion of the gums.
    • Unlike conventional dentures, you do not require adhesives or denture glues to retain them.
    • They are easier to maintain and can be cleaned with regular brushing.
    • They also help preserve the natural bone mass and prevent future bone loss.

    Question About Implant Overdentures?

    Getting Implant Overdentures at GLO Dental Group

    The process of implant-retained dentures requires multiple appointments at our practice. During the initial consultation, we will perform a comprehensive oral exam and record 3D x-rays of your mouth. It helps decide the placement of implants in the jawbone. If one or a few more teeth are present, we will extract them and let the tissues heal before proceeding with implant surgery.

    In the next visit, our implant dentist will insert titanium metal posts in the jawbone, which will act as a foundation for the denture. Once the implant posts have merged with the bone, we will secure the custom-fit denture and perform necessary adjustments to ensure that it rests comfortably in your mouth.

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    Our practice offers advanced solutions to address your dental concerns. If you require full-arch restoration with artificial teeth, visit our practice for implant overdentures in Houston and Cypress. Call us now to schedule a visit today.

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