Dental Extractions

Going through a tooth extraction may seem daunting, but rest assured that the procedure is not as painful as you may imagine. With our qualified dentists’ skills and advanced techniques, we can safely extract your damaged tooth with little to no pain. In most cases, our main aim is to salvage the natural teeth, but if the damage has extended too far, it may threaten the health of other teeth. This is why our dentists recommend dental extractions in Houston and Cypress dental office, to preserve your oral well-being. Book a consultation at GLO Dental Group today to determine if extraction is the right option for you.

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    Reasons For Dental Extractions

    Tooth decay is not the only indication for extraction. There is a wide variety of reasons why our dentists may suggest dental extractions. They include:

    Dental Extractions
    • Extensive tooth damage
    • Cracked or fractured tooth
    • Pulp infection
    • Dental injuries
    • Severe gum disease
    • Orthodontic treatment
    • Extra/supernumerary tooth
    • Loose teeth
    • Impacted teeth
    • Primary teeth that do not fall out

    Furthermore, if you require a full-arch restoration, we may remove the remaining few teeth in your mouth to replace them with a denture or dental implants.

    Types of Dental Extractions

    During your oral exam, our dentists will analyze the position and extent of damage to select the right approach for tooth extraction. Typically, we perform two types of dental extractions, which include:

    • Simple extraction: As the name indicates, it is a simple procedure in which we remove the tooth using manual dental instruments. If the tooth is intact and accessible, we opt for simple extraction. It has a short recovery period.
    • Surgical extraction: Certain cases where the tooth is impacted or broken beneath the gum line require a surgical approach. We will incise the gums and expose the bone to extract the tooth from its socket. The recovery period may last for a month.

    Question About Dental Extractions?

    Can I Get My Teeth Replaced After Tooth Extraction?

    Tooth removal becomes an absolute necessity in certain situations to save your overall oral health. However, the removal of a natural tooth leaves a gap that looks unappealing and can also cause functional disturbance in your mouth. If the gap is left as it is, the adjacent teeth begin to shift from their position, which may cause bite irregularity.

    In order to avoid these consequences after dental extractions, our team recommends reliable tooth replacement solutions to restore oral functions and aesthetics. The best options include dental bridges, removable dentures, and dental implants. Once the extraction wound has healed completely, we will choose the treatment that perfectly suits your oral needs.

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    Our dentists offer safe and painless dental extractions in Houston, TX, to help retain your oral health. If you are suffering from toothache or a dental infection, call our practices immediately to get the best dental solutions.

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