Dental Cleaning

As part of preventive dental treatments at GLO Dental Group, we offer professional dental cleaning services in Houston and Cypress office. Your teeth become dull as you age and lose their natural shine. In addition to that, there is also an increased risk of gum infections and periodontal disease. This is why our dentists utilize this non-invasive technique to remove excess plaque deposits from your teeth, restoring the health of your teeth and gums. It is a quick, painless, and effective procedure that takes a single visit to our practice. So if you want to enhance your gum health and smile appearance, contact us to schedule teeth cleaning today.

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    Dental Cleaning

    How Often Should I Get Teeth Cleanings?

    Our teeth are exposed to a myriad of substances and oral bacteria on a daily basis. When you consume food or drinks, a thin layer forms on the tooth surfaces, known as plaque. It contains a mixture of saliva, food debris, and bacteria. Lack of oral hygiene can turn plaque into a calcified form called tartar. These deposits endanger the health of your teeth and gums.

    According to the American Dental Association (ADA), you should get professional dental cleanings twice a year. It eliminates plaque/tartar deposits and prevents the risk of common dental issues. Our practice offers in-office dental cleaning to restore the health and appearance of your teeth and gums.

    Steps of Dental Cleaning

    Professional dental cleaning is a simple and straightforward procedure that requires a single visit at our office. Firstly, we will examine your teeth and gums to assess their health. Our dentist will position the dental chair to begin the cleaning process. We will use an ultrasonic scaler, a device that emits low-frequency vibrations, to remove plaque/tartar from the tooth surfaces.

    Our dentists will gently glide the tip of the scaler along the gum line. If plaque deposits are also present beneath the gum line, we will carefully maneuver the scaler tip to clean the gum pockets. The entire scaling procedure may take 30 to 45 minutes.

    Once the process is complete, we will apply an abrasive toothpaste on your teeth and rub it with an electric toothbrush. It polishes the tooth surfaces and restores the natural luster of your teeth.

    Question About Dental Cleaning?

    Dental Cleaning Aftercare

    You may feel slight sensitivity in your teeth after the procedure. It is completely normal to occur and resolves within one or two days. During the initial period after a dental cleaning, our dentists recommend avoiding hot or cold foods as they may trigger sensitivity. Instead, it is better to consume food or drinks at room temperature.

    We recommend brushing your teeth twice a day to maintain optimum oral health. Avoid aggressive brushing as it can damage the gums. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush if you have sensitive gums. Depending on your oral health, our dentist may also prescribe an antibacterial mouthwash to reduce the risk of infection.

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    Getting routine dental checkups and cleaning can help prevent many issues and maintain your oral health. To schedule a dental cleaning at our Houston and Cypress office, call us today.

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