Bone Grafts And Sinus Lifts

Stable insertion of dental implants requires a sufficient jawbone structure to support them. If you have experienced bone loss or have a thin bone structure due to sinus cavities, we may recommend additional procedures before implant surgery to improve its prognosis. At GLO Dental Group, we offer bone grafts and sinus lifts, that enhance bone density and provide a strong, supportive foundation for dental implants in Houston and Cypress, TX. Utilizing our cutting-edge technology, we perform these procedures with utmost precision to obtain the best results. If you want to relish the benefits of dental implants, book a consultation with our certified dentists today.

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    What Are Bone Grafts?

    Bone grafting is a minimally invasive surgery that involves the placement of graft tissue at the site of bone loss to replenish its structure. When you lose a tooth or multiple teeth, the alveolar bone in that region begins to deteriorate. As a result, the bone in the missing tooth area becomes flattened and loses its natural thickness. It can lower the chances of successful implant surgery.

    For this reason, our practice offers restorative procedures like bone grafts and sinus lifts. By using a natural or synthetic bone graft, we can rebuild the lost bone structure and thickness, making it sufficient enough for the insertion of dental implants.

    Bone grafting surgery typically requires a single appointment at our dental practice. The procedure has an excellent success rate and provides long-term benefits.

    What Are Sinus Lifts?

    A sinus lift is a minor surgical procedure that aims to enhance the bone thickness for the placement of upper posterior implants. The roots of the upper molars often lie close to the sinus cavity. Due to this reason, the bone density in that region remains thin. If you lose one or more of your upper molars and consider replacement with dental implants, we need to determine whether you have enough bone to support them.

    With innovative procedures like bone grafts and sinus lifts, we can successfully create a stable foundation for dental implants. Our dentists will carefully lift the sinus membrane and place grafting material underneath to fortify the bone structure. This procedure also has a great success rate with minimal risk of postoperative complications.

    Question About Bone Grafts And Sinus Lifts?

    Are There Any Risks Of Bone Grafts or Sinus Lifts?

    Our qualified dentists perform these surgical procedures with great precision, reducing the risk of side effects or complications. Since they are carried out under dental anesthesia, you will not feel pain during the procedure. However, it is normal to experience slight discomfort or tenderness for a few hours after the surgery. Our dentists will prescribe medications and give necessary aftercare instructions to help you achieve a smooth recovery.

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    If you are unsure about the procedure of bone grafts and sinus lifts in Houston and Cypress, TX, visit our practice for a clinical consultation. Our dentists will examine your oral cavity and give the best recommendations for maintaining your health. Call us now to book an appointment.

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