Molar Broke Off at the Gum Line — What to Do?

October 30, 2023

Picture this: you are going about your day, playing sports, or eating something, and suddenly you feel something in your mouth — only to see your molar broke off at the gum line! If this happens, you will need to visit an emergency dentist right away. When a broken tooth is left untreated, it can lead to serious complications. So, even if it is a small crack on your tooth, get it examined by a dental professional!

Signs of a Broken Tooth

It will be pretty obvious when your molar is broken — the missing tooth will be a significant indicator of the fact. Still, if you are unsure, there are other ways to tell that the molar broke off at the gum line.

When you run your tongue over the affected area, you can feel if the molar is present or not; your tongue might even come in contact with the jagged edges of the remaining tooth root. An emergency dentist will inspect your mouth with their tools to spot the molar. You, too, can find it by looking in the mirror.

Once the molar breaks, the dentin layer usually becomes visible, which means the tooth will be yellow or pink in color. In case the broken tooth had decayed, it might appear black or brown. Many times, the sharp edges will make cuts on the tongue and gums, which results in bleeding. So, you might taste blood and notice inflamed gums due to a broken molar.

Lastly, you may experience pain when your molar breaks off. Once the molar breaks, your nerves will be vulnerable, and you might feel constant pain as a result. Sometimes, people feel no pain at all. In addition, foods and beverages that are hot, cold, sweet, or acidic might trigger pain when your molar is exposed to them.

Caring for a Molar that Broke Off at The Gum Line

If your molar breaks off at the gum line, it will need urgent dental care. Your dentist will treat the broken tooth depending on the damage, which includes dental bondings to extractions. You can prevent further issues by following these steps while you wait for your appointment:

  1. Thoroughly rinse your mouth using lukewarm saltwater.
  2. Do not consume anything sweet, cold, or acidic.
  3. Cover your tooth using dental wax or sugar-free gum. You can also opt for a gauze to protect the tooth fragment.
  4. Your dentist can reattach the broken molar if you still have it — make sure to wash it and seal it in a plastic bag.

Final Word

It can be pretty scary to deal with a molar that broke off at the gum line. Your priority should be to visit an emergency dentist before any severe complications arise. They will know how to safely proceed with the treatment after examining your broken molar.

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