I Want To Whiten My Teeth, But I Have A Crown, Can I Still Do It?

Feb 15, 202423 Views

One of the best parts about a dental crown is how realistic they look. A blind eye can’t tell the difference between a crown and an actual tooth. You would have to look too closely to be able to tell the two apart. That, too, depends on the material of the crown. For instance, porcelain […]

What Causes An Infection After Tooth Extraction?

Jan 30, 202466 Views

The purpose of tooth extraction is to get rid of tooth pain and boost oral health. However, just because the extraction is complete doesn’t mean you can lie low and neglect your oral hygiene. If proper care is not taken after tooth extraction, it can lead to an infection. But the question is, what exactly […]

Why Is My Toddler Grinding Their Teeth In Sleep?

Jan 15, 202451 Views

It’s a big deal when your child sprouts their first tooth. After all, it means they’re one step closer to speaking their first words. However, the downside of having a toddler come into their teeth is their habit of grinding and clenching teeth. While it is common for adults to clench their jaw, did you […]

7 Tips to Stop Braces Pain Immediately

Dec 30, 202359 Views

Starting an orthodontic treatment can be quite nerve-wracking, especially since you never really know what to expect. However, when it comes to braces, many people start to feel nervous before their dentist’s appointment, thinking that the pain will outweigh everything else. But despite what you’ve heard about braces, everyone experiences pain differently. Not to mention, […]

Is It Okay to Smoke After Getting a Dental Cleaning?

Dec 15, 2023233 Views

You already know the importance of visiting your dentist every six months for a dental checkup. But did you know that professional teeth cleaning is just as important? From scaling the tartar stuck to your teeth to polishing away the stains, teeth cleaning helps boost your oral health. Plus, with regular cleanings, you won’t feel […]

Why Do I Have A Headache After Teeth Cleaning?

Nov 30, 202367 Views

After a teeth cleaning treatment, you would expect to come out of the dentist’s room with a brand-new smile and improved oral health. But what if, instead of happiness, you’re only met with a raging headache? It is not uncommon to experience a headache after dental work. Each treatment is different and requires intense care […]

How Long Do Dental Fillings Last? All You Need to Know!

Nov 15, 202366 Views

When a cavity forms, it progressively destroys your tooth until you receive a treatment. Generally, dentists recommend dental fillings to eliminate the cavity and restore your tooth. During your teeth filling procedure, the dentist will start with anesthesia, and then they will remove the decayed area of the affected tooth. There are many types of […]

Molar Broke Off at the Gum Line — What to Do?

Oct 30, 2023390 Views

Picture this: you are going about your day, playing sports, or eating something, and suddenly you feel something in your mouth — only to see your molar broke off at the gum line! If this happens, you will need to visit an emergency dentist right away. When a broken tooth is left untreated, it can […]

Does Invisalign Fix Overbite?

Oct 15, 2023414 Views

Do your front teeth stick out? Chances are, you may have an overbite. When you have dental malocclusion, it can lead to tooth issues. Generally, factors such as stubborn baby teeth, thumbsucking, and excessive use of pacifiers can be the reason you have an overbite. If you suspect an overbite, you should visit an orthodontist, […]

All My Teeth Hurt Suddenly — What Could It Be?

Sep 30, 2023376 Views

Do all of your teeth hurt all of a sudden? When you have a toothache out of the blue, it generally indicates that you may have an infection or increased sensitivity. While usually tooth pain is not serious, it could signify potentially severe issues that require instant dental attention. So, you will need to visit […]



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