All My Teeth Hurt Suddenly — What Could It Be?

September 30, 2023

Do all of your teeth hurt all of a sudden? When you have a toothache out of the blue, it generally indicates that you may have an infection or increased sensitivity. While usually tooth pain is not serious, it could signify potentially severe issues that require instant dental attention. So, you will need to visit an emergency dentist if you are thinking: Why do all my teeth hurt suddenly? We will mention the possible causes in this blog!

Learn if Your Toothache is a Dental Emergency

You may need to visit an emergency dentist if your toothache is still present after 1 to 2 days. In addition, severe tooth pain that results in a lot of discomfort also needs to be examined by a dental professional. If you neglect treatment, it will only get worse!

Why Do All My Teeth Hurt Suddenly?

Some common reasons your teeth might be aching unexpectedly include:

1. They’re Exposed to Extreme Temperatures

You may have sensitivity with thinning enamel when extremely hot or cold temperatures come in contact with your teeth; they hurt. So the reason all your teeth hurt all of a sudden could be extreme temperatures!

2. Your Tooth Enamel Is Eroding

You may experience discomfort when you bite into certain foods, which is usually a result of exposure to acidic foods. Furthermore, brushing your teeth in an aggressive manner also causes all your teeth to hurt suddenly. Improper brushing and exposure to acidic foods or beverages can erode teeth enamel, which is responsible for your teeth pain.

3. You Have Tooth Decay or Cavities

You may not notice you have tooth decay or cavities until you experience a twinge when biting down, eating something sweet, and more. When you eat something sugary, the bacteria present in your mouth react with it and form plaque, slowly eating away the enamel. With time, decay progresses into cavities, which may be why your teeth hurt all of a sudden.

4. Your Gums Might Need Attention

If all your teeth hurt suddenly, it could signify periodontal issues. Gum disease can be due to multiple reasons, and the first stage is known as gingivitis. Bleeding gums, inflammation, and sensitivity are some symptoms of potential gum issues. Visit a periodontist for treatment!

5. You have Crowded Teeth

When your teeth are not in proper alignment, it can bring forth painful symptoms. So, if you have crowded teeth, it can be why your teeth hurt. You should visit your orthodontist for crowded teeth; they will suggest braces or another suitable treatment.

6. You Use Teeth Bleaching Products

Did you recently use bleaching gels or whitening strips? Or, perhaps, opted for professional teeth whitening? Chances are, your teeth might hurt because of the chemicals and bleaching agents used for whitening teeth. However, the pain is only temporary!

What Should I Do?

A painful tooth is hard to deal with, but what if all your teeth hurt suddenly? If your teeth start hurting at the same time, it could be due to infection, decay, gum disease, receding gums, sensitivity, bleaching products, and more. Therefore, you will need to visit a dentist for adequate treatment!

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