5 Ways To Deal With Invisalign Discomfort

March 15, 2024

If you want to achieve an attractive, straight smile without undergoing the hassle of metal braces, you may consider Invisalign. This revolutionary technique uses a series of clear aligners to straighten teeth. While the treatment process is much easier and more tolerable than traditional braces, some level of discomfort is to be expected. In this blog, we share some helpful tips to help you ease the discomfort of Invisalign treatment.

Use Orthodontic Wax

The clear aligners of this treatment are custom-fabricated to be a snug fit for your teeth. They are comfortable to wear, but you may experience mild gum irritation during the treatment. It can also occur due to Invisalign attachments.

Using an orthodontic wax can provide immediate relief by covering the rough edges of the aligners. You can take a small piece of orthodontic wax and use it to cover the specific areas that are causing discomfort.

Place An Ice Pack

During the initial phase of the treatment, you may notice mild gum swelling or inflammation. You can place an ice pack or a cold compress on the affected side of your face to reduce swelling. It also numbs the area temporarily, providing pain relief.

Drinking iced drinks or eating cold foods like ice cream or frozen yogurt can have a similar effect.

Take Pain Medicines

The clear aligners work by exerting light pressure on your teeth. So, you may feel a constant dull ache in your mouth during the early period. You can take over-the-counter painkillers to relieve the pain. Taking them at nighttime can help you have a comfortable night’s rest.

Before taking any medicines, it is best to consult your dentist. They will prescribe a safe dosage of medicines and guide you properly to ensure optimal recovery.

Rinse With Saltwater

Gum swelling or irritation may make it difficult to wear your aligners. To subside gum inflammation, you can raise your mouth regularly with a saltwater solution.

Simply mix a teaspoon of salt in a glass of lukewarm water and gently swish it in your mouth. It cleanses your oral cavity and kills harmful bacteria that may cause redness or swelling of the gum tissues.

Avoid Hard Foods

One of the main benefits of Invisalign is that you can easily remove the aligners before eating your meals. However, eating hard or crunchy foods like pretzels, chips, or popcorn may cause gum irritation. This may increase your discomfort when you wear the aligners again.

Hard foods may also lodge in between your teeth, causing further pain. It is best to choose foods that are easier to chew and swallow for the next few months.

Final Words

These helpful tips can relieve the discomfort associated with Invisalign and ease the treatment process. If you have more queries regarding Invisalign treatment, contact our dental professionals at GLO Dental Group by calling us at (832) 501-3471 (Houston) or (832) 400-4383 (Cypress).



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